Engine Components

Quality is of the utmost priority in reconditioning engine components.
Almost at the same time the diesel engine was invented, we at dpMS started with the reconditioning and repairing of engine parts.
Cylinder liners, pistons, cylinder heads and connecting rods – the proper and precise handling of these components is still our “bread and butter”.
As a traditional workshop firm, we have a conventional array of machine tools which we can adapt individually to suit the engine components of various manufacturers.
We also have an exchange programme for engine components in common use, which helps to reduce the downtimes of your engines to a minimum.
As a repair company that has been providing flexible service for generations, we are a reliable partner for major shipping companies and leading engine manufacturers.

Reliable service, experience and specialized equipment are what DP Marine Service offer to its customer in reconditioning of components.

Our fully equipped workshop offer to you a very competitive hire service carry out by trained personnel.

Reconditioning of components cover:

         Cylinder covers


         Piston crowns, piston skirts

         Piston rods

         Exhaust valves

         Exhaust valve seats

         Connecting rods and piston rods

         Piston crowns

         Exhaust valves, spindles, seats and cages

         Rebabbitting of white metal bearings