Crankshaft and Blocks

At dpMS, the heart of your engine is given special attention.
For the crankshafts of 4-stroke diesel engines, we use various stationary grinding machines.
Also piston rods, crosshead pins and generator shafts are machined to the highest quality standards by our specialists.
Our comprehensive database has the dimensions of many crankshafts made by the major engine manufacturers. As the oldest crankshaft grinding shop in Germany, we can offer you over 100 years of experience.
Crankshaft grinding is the original core business of dpMS and remains a particular specialty of the company.
We are proud to say that our list of customers includes some of the world’s leading engine makers.


Crankpin Machining
Main Journal Milling & Grinding
Thrust Face Grinding
Crankshaft Grinding 
Crankshaft Straightening
Selective Plating of Damaged Bearings
Counterballance Weight Face Milling
Damper Repairs
Coupling Bolt Hole Boring and Reaming
Connecting Rod Reconditioning
Non Destructive Testing


In Line Boring of Main Journal Pockets
Liner Landing Machining
Cylinder De Glazing
Bearing Cap Repairs including Selective  Plating
Butt Face Grinding
Bedplate Milling & Grinding
Metal Stitching