Spare Parts

The flexibility and rapid response of our worldwide spare-parts service is guaranteed by a sound knowledge of the market coupled with wide-ranging technical know-how. Anywhere, anytime!
Our goal is to deliver engine spares of the very highest quality. Here we are able to draw on over 100 years of experience in engine repair.
Reconditioned components, such as crankshafts and engine frames, are always delivered with the valid certificate of a recognized classification society.

As a repair company, we have reliable partners for spare part supplies. We are able to supply replacement spare parts as new. Used or reconditioned according customer needs.

Supply of spare parts from proven manufacturers and economic sources
Assistance and advice on Stock assessment and stocking recommendations


Some our spare part service are:

–                Engine Bearings

–                Crankshafts

–                Cylinder heads

–                Cylinder liners

–                Auxiliary components

–                Piston and piston rings

–                Connecting Rods

–                Engine Valves, seat & cage’s valves

–                Springs, guides and Valve rotators


We service and supply spare parts for the following engines:

–         ABB turbochargers

–         Allen

–         Bergen

–         Blackstone

–         Cummins

–         Dorman

–         Lister Petter

–         MaK

–         Mirrlees

–         Napier turbochargers

–         Nohab Polar

–         Normo

–         Perkins

–         Pielstick

–         Ruston

–         Stork

–         Sulzer

–         Vasa

–         Wärtsilä

We supply spare parts for all machines, bearings, couplings and hand, electric and hydraulic tools.

On request we can deliver customised machined SKF seals.For more information contact us.